CV for Ms. Blix

The Short Version:


Graduated Mt Holyoke College 

Russian Eurasian Studies

Thesis work: An illustrated zine about underground punk music in Saint Petersburg.



Russian-Speaking Case Manger

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Center



Chiropractic Assistant



Became a mother and everything changed.



Placenta Power Encapsulation Services




Lion Heart Kombucha




Hip Mama Zine

Illustrator, editor



Freelance designer and illustrator



Graduate of Comics Certificate Program

Independent Publishing Resource Center



Published in "Free Stooges"

Designed flyer, buttons and Tshirts for

Portland Zine Symposium



The Long Version:

I was home grown in Randolph, Vermont. A land of epic winters, the smell of maple syrup boiling in the sugar house,  cold feet, rolling green hills and notoriously freezing halloweens. Did I mention the 3 month summers?


I attended strange assortments of elementary and Jr high schools as can be expected in rural Vermont. Somehow I ended up in a suburb of Philidephia for a semester of my sophmore year and realized I needed to get the hell out of Central Vermont! Luckily, my family moved to Burlington (the largest city in the state) where I developed a love for punk rock, feminism, zines, late nights and home-made haircuts. 


I went to college in 2002 at Mount Hoyoke College, where I majored in Russian and Eurasian Studies. Between 2003 and 2005 I spent 2 semesters in Russia, focusing my thesis on underground rock and roll music in post-soviet St. Petersburg. During my time there, I lived in Moscow, St. P, Vladimir and Siberia (Irkutsk and Buryatia). I attended many punk shows, drank way too much with strangers in city parks, ate pickles and trusted that I would figure out how to find my way home every time I got lost (and I did). 


I attended Middlebury College for 2 summers of their Russian Immersion program. After graduating college in 2006, my fluency allowed me to land a job working at the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Center. I was the Russian-speaking case manager for post-Soviet refugees, namely Mesketian Turks from the Central Asian repubilcs of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

By 2007, I was thoroughly done with blizzards in April, so I high-tailed it west towards Oregon to find adventure, a new population of Russian-speakers to work with and a desire to expand my creative horizons. I found myself in North Portland, in a tiny, freezing apartment that smelled like dog pee. It wasn't much, but I knew it was the start to something great!I began medical and legal interpretation for IRCO before starting a full-time job with a chiropractor, hoping to expand my skills in the health and wellness world. 

Published by Someone else:


Hip Mama Zine, issues #40-50

Editorials, illustrations, comics


Rad Dad #22 "Riot Parents'



Free Stooges, Free comicbook Day

"The Shell"


The Lodge #2

Inside and Back cover


Forthcoming pubished work:

Gridlord's 2016 anthology


Published by me:


Liner Notes by Nino Cipri

Illustration and book design


Which is Witch #1-4

Illustration, book design


Past All Limits

Self-published Comic


How it Starts

Self-published Comic


The Shell/Two Wings

Self-published Comic


Tiny Voices

Self-published Comic













But then the unexpected happened....I got pregnant! And then, I got married! And then everything changed. I spent most of my pregnancy wondering what the hell was happening to me.  By the time my son was born at Alma Midwifery in Portland, I realized that nothing would ever be the same. My body and soul had been completely ripped apart and suddenly, this tiny human creature was my complete and total responsibility. Talk about a head fuck.  I was 24 and all of my friends were either traveling, partying or partaking in wild orgies. I was in a whole different category of stimulations. Namely the bleeding nipple/vagina variety. But it was the beginning of some incredible stuff (I just didn't know it yet).


3 things were born with my son: my business Placenta Power, our business Lion Heart Kombucha and my future as an artist. When my son was 5 months old, I began volunteering with Hip Mama Zine. I started with providing comics and illustrations to accompany the articles and over time became the co-editor. After 3 years with Hip Mama, we handed the reigns back to its original creatress Ariel Gore and I started focusing on my own work. I began illustrating for friends' zines and chapbooks and was accepted to the Comics Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. 


In 2014, I self-published some crazy amount of zines and comics. I had the chance to particpate several times in this amazing show called Gridlords a bunch, which took my love for performance and theatrics to a new level. My collaboration with Rhea Wolf began full steam and that totally rocked my world as an artist, a witch and person. 


In 2015, I drew the flyer for the Portland Zine Symposium and one of my comics was printed in an anthology put together by Floating World Comics. In this year I also began my priestess training at the Blue Iris Mystery School. I started taking on design gigs and developed a big love for creative collaboration.


Suddenly its 2016. I have dreams of writing an underworld musical. I am about to begin on another anthology piece. My son is 7, I am 31. I am living in a new world, while also slightly terrified of all things in the future. I just want to keep creating, living and building community. And being a badass witchy lady who sees messages in the stars, the golden leaves and the crows that circle over my house. 

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